Stonehenge Riverside Project

A major collaborative research project aimed to unravel the prehistoric development of the Stonehenge landscape.

Led by Professor Mike Parker Pearson, the Stonehenge Riverside Project brought together academics from around the globe in a large field archaeology research study, funded by a four-year grant (2006-2010) from the AHRC and a Small Research Grant (2004-2005) from The British Academy.

Stonehenge Riverside Project

The Stonehenge Riverside project aimed to unravel the prehistoric development of the Stonehenge landscape and resulted in a better understanding of the development of the prehistoric monumental complex and its relationship to developing residential and subsistence practices. The work program consisted of targeted archaeological excavations of the major monuments, including Durrington Walls, Woodhenge, Cursus, and the environs around Stonehenge and its Avenue, based on extensive geophysical surveys and supported by a wider landscape study region.

The Digimap data was a fundamental part of the project's Geographic Information System (ESRI ArcGIS). It was a vital pre-excavation planning tool and provided a framework to display archaeological information. The Digital Terrain Models derived from Ordnance Survey PROFILE and PANORAMA datasets support the landscape study's phenomenological research. Without access to EDINA Digimap Data, considering the project's remit and size, commercial sources would have cost in the region of £100,000.

Datasets obtained via Digimap included:

  • OS: OS Land-Line.Plus
  • OS Meridian 1:50 000
  • OS Strategi 1:250 000
  • OS 1:10 000 Scale Raster
  • OS 1:25 000 Scale Colour Raster
  • OS 1:50 000 Scale Colour Raster
  • OS Land-Form Profile 1:10 000
  • OS Land-Form PROFILE DTM 1:10 000
  • OS Land-Form PANORAMA, 1:50 000
  • OS Land-Form PANORAMA DTM 1:50 000
  • OS Boundary-Line .shp
  • GB National Boundaries .shp
  • GB National Grids .shp
  • Historic Digimap: County Series 1:10 560 (more to download in future)
  • Geology Digimap: BGS data 1:50 000
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